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Therapeutic Magnesium Massage
 Our modern life subjects us to almost constant stress. The problem is that stress can wear our body down leading to disease. Magnesium is a powerful natural tranquilizer. It aids in relaxing the nerves, relieving tension, help to lower blood pressure and can help prevent cardiovascular disease.
   When used transversally (i.e. across the skin) magnesium oil is rapidly absorbed, thereby quickly boosting magnesium levels in the body. This effect can not only restore healthy levels of magnesium to the muscles (and ultimately to cells throughout the body), but also thereby can provide the body with all the benefits associated with high levels of magnesium.
   Benefits may include the relief of aches and pains, increased energy,support of processes of detoxification, support of brain function, improvement of mood and reduction of tension related stress, support for healthy skin and numerous other health benefits.
   Topical application of magnesium oil simultaneously provides energy and relaxes muscles. This means you will be primed for peak performance, being relaxed and energised. You will also likely experience deeper, more restful sleep and awaken surprisingly refreshed, ready for a new day.

Carol is providing a relaxing and therapeutic treatment, designed to nourish your skin, sooth your body and provide all of the above benefits in one hour. The treatment begins with exfoliation using a natural bristle body brush.This prepares your skin for maximum absorption of the replenishing action of magnesium oil.
   Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of hands on healing. Combine this with the purest natural source of magnesium and you will experience one of the most relaxing hours you could imagine. Exceptional levels of magnesium soften your skin,  relax all the muscles of your body, cleansing, purifying and renewing.

Magnesium Massage - Full Body 1 Hour

Back, Neck, Shoulders - 30 mins   or
Legs and Feet            - 30mins


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