Natural Health & Therapy Centre - Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Healing and Bodymind therapies
The Usui System of Natural Healing
I provide Reiki Treatments and Training in the lovely village of Heysham, approx 10 minutes from the seaside town of Morecambe and easily accessed from the nearby historic city of Lancaster.
   My style is relaxed and approachable, professional and thorough and I like to make everyone feel welcome and relaxed in my peaceful Reiki treatment rooms. I believe that when we are relaxed we absorb information and learn more easily. The atmosphere is comfortable, light and nurturing. My aim in working with you one to one or in small groups, is to give you individual tuition, creating a special, personalised experience, with plenty of opportunities for practice.
   I provide a full range of professional training courses, workshops and refresher courses. Support is available following all training by email, phone and in person.
   I endeavour to be thorough in my teaching, and respectful to the traditions of Reiki and my Reiki lineage, which can be traced back to Dr Usui. I continually research and update my skills in order to pass on the teachings in a clear and precise way.

Reiki Level 1
Carol Hanson
Reiki Master and Teacher
The Usui system of 
Natural Healing
Tel:01524 855717


Location: Heysham, Lancs.
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Reiki level one : The gift of Reiki
Reiki is simple to learn at level one and can be helpful for anyone and everyone; it is prmarily for the self, but also enables the student to give Reiki to their family and pets. Also ideal for those who have poor health or chronic illness and wish to self treat, or for those who are Carer's for loved ones. Your needs are individual, but Reikincan fit in with your life whoever you are and whatever you do.
Course outline
The history of Reiki:  the beginnings and tradition
The Reiki story and The Reiki Precepts
The four level one Reiki Attunements, which permanently connect the student to Reiki energy
Discussion of 21 days clearing process
Learning how to give a full Reiki treatment to yourself
How to treat others with Reiki
A seated Reiki treatment
The finishing, grounding techniques
Opportunity to practise all these techniques
Preparing for Reiki giving and receiving
Progression - for those interested in Level Two Reiki
Includes some Japanese healing techniques
Ongoing support (if required)
Full manual
Certificate (on completion of training)
Reiki Level 2

Please enquire for dates.
10.00 - 5.00pm

Venue - Heysham,
Bookings - Tel: Carol
01524 855717
Reiki Level Two
The second level of Reiki is about continuing your journey of self-healing and personal development. You will also broaden your knowledge and healing skills to enable you to help others to heal and grow.
   Reiki Level 2 is regarded as Practitioner Level and after a suitable period of training and practice, is recommended for everyone wishing to practise Reiki professionally.
   This level is also appropriate for people who want to develop Reiki for their own inner, personal and spiritual development. With additional healing techniques, Reiki 2 is a significant step forward on your personal healing journey. 
Course outline
Review of Reiki Level One
Energy attunement which increases the flow of healing energy
Discussion of 21 days clearing process
Introduction to three sacred symbols and their mantras (sacred names)
Guided meditation
Self cleansing methods from the Japanese tradition of Reiki
Techniques for treating others, clearing and cleansing the aura
Mental and emotional healing
Absent and distant healing
Reiki practice journals
Case studies ( in order to practice professionally) 
Carol Hanson
This is the traditional Reiki in the West.
Reiki Level One
Reiki Level Two
Reiki Level Three - Practitioner
Reiki Level Four - Teacher - 1996
Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher - 1996
This includes additional healing rays to the elements of fire, water and ether.
Seichem Level One
Seichem Level Two
Seichem Level Three - Master/Teacher
Japanese Healing Techniques - 2000
This is the Eastern Lineage of Reiki.
Jin Kei Do Level One
Jin Kei Do Level Two
Jin Kei Do Level Three - Master/Teacher -2003

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