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 Carol Hanson is the owner of the Natural Health and Therapy Centre and offers a wide range of natural therapies and can help you to select the treatment best suited to you,whether you are in pain with an acute or chronic condition, want to feel better in yourself or simply feel you deserve a treat. Treatments at the Centre aim to relax, refresh and rejuvenate you in body, mind and spirit. If you would like advice on choosing the most appropriate therapy please phone, email or text Carol on 07508 066007. Email 

All the therapies I carry out are connected to one another, they all work holistically ie. treating the whole person and not just the symptoms. Carol uses one therapy on its own or a combination of techniques according to what you require or prefer.This is made economical for you by paying for the length of time of your treatment and not each individual treatment. Prices start from just £10 for a 20 minutes taster session.

Complementary therapy is invaluable as a method of improving your physical health, relieving stress and tension and bringing about balance and harmony in your life and creating a sense of wellbeing. Treatments should not be thought of as just for those times when you are unwell. Complementary therapy can be of great value as a tool for self development and personal growth as well as reducing your stress levels, easing aches and pains and improving your health and wellbeing.


Your health and wellbeing will always be my primary concern. I am committed to providing a professional, caring and friendly environment at the Natural Health and Therapy centre. This is achieved by maintaining a high standard of service through continuous professional and personal development and a strict code of ethics.

I am professionally qualified with over 27 years experience in the field of Complementary Therapy and fully covered by professional indemnity insurance.

I am a dedicated holistic health practitioner who strongly believes that complimentary therapies should be available and affordable to everyone. I therefore offer highly professional treatments at very competitive rates.

Natural Therapy helping you towards a complete state of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

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