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Rejuvenate your skin and banish wrinkles.

Look younger naturally.

 In this modern, stress filled world your mind can be busier then the rest of your body. This is often reflected in your face without realizing it,as every thought, feeling or reaction to daily events tightens and constricts the muscles of the face, neck and shoulders. Facial rejuvenation massage works on the structure of the skin, to ease restrictions and lift up the face naturally.It combines various massage techniques to relax and invigorate the facial muscles with accupressure to lift and energise. You will clearly see a difference after just one treatment, your skin is rejuvenated - it looks "lifted up" and also feels softer and more supple. The whole process smoothes wrinkles and improves the complexion proving that you don't need cosmetic surgery to look younger! With regular treatments you will see your skin become softer, your complexion and skin tone improve, bagginess, sagginess and puffiness are reduced and you will notice the elasticity and youth returning to your face. This treatment is the ultimate in relaxation and you are left with a wonderful feeling of wellbeing, your whole body feels totally relaxed and soothed. Ideal for rejuvenating your skin for those special occasions and events in your life such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or holidays.

 1 hour treatment is £45.00

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