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Crystal Stone Facial Treatment

Are you looking for a new, natural facial or skin care regime? Welcome to Carols Crystal Stone Facial Treatment.

By harnessing the harmonious energy of crystals, enter a state of deep relaxation. Cleansed and exfoliated skin, heated and chilled stones to tone and refresh. Rejuvenates and nourishs the skin, giving you an instant glow and bringing you back to a place of Harmony and Balance.

Includes organic marine botanical skin products designed in France to help skin cells regenerate and formulated to promote smooth, supple, youthful looking skin. Remineralise and revive dry, dull or dehydrated skin naturally with totally organic and eco-friendly beauty products. Suitable for all skin types.

Includes chakra balancing to energetically rejuvenate and realign whilst receiving your facial.  

What my customers are saying

Nothing i have experienced before can compare with this facial!!!!  Not only was the facial unique, the products used second to none and Carol utilizing her unique skills, in fact my whole body feels like its had a treatment from literally the tips of my toes to the crown of my head......An experience not to be missed and certainly to be repeated!!! Thank you Carol

                                                  Zoe, Carnforth, June 2021


"Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! I experienced this amazing, wonderful therapy today. I have never been so blissed out!!!! It was absolutely WONDERFUL. Totally amazing. I can't recommend it highly enough. I'll certainly be having another.

                                             Jean, Morecambe, July 2021"

"I had the pleasure of this treatment today, from the wonderful Carol Hanson. It went far beyond anything i expected. The mixture of hot and cold therapy, combined with soothing sounds, aromas and Carol's amazing massage was the perfect blend to rebalance and unwind. In fact, i even fell asleep at one stage. I could quite happily have stayed there all day! I came away calm, rejuvenated, and with glowing skin. I enjoyed it so much i have booked it again for next month. Thank you so much Carol."

                                    Yvette, Heysham, Lancs, July 2021

My skin was glowing for days. Best facial ever!!

                                   Kyra, Heysham, Lancs, June 2021


75 minutes of sheer bliss!!


Review June 2021

"WOW WOW WOW just had this facial. Don't have the words to describe how good it is. Imagine the feeling of a hot stone massage, reiki and a fabulous facial all rolled into one. It really needs to be experienced to understand how great it felt. The products were divine as well. Thanks Carol. x"

                                            - Kyra, Heysham

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