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Soothing, revitalising and uplifting

Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy providing massage with aromatherapy essential oils. Plant oils have been used for therapy and cosmetics for thousands of years with records going back to ancient Egypt, China and India. After an initial consultation oils will be blended to meet your individual needs. Aromatherapy is used to reduce the symptoms of a range of conditions and is believed to work both physiologically and psychologically via the soothing therapeutic benefits of massage and the medicinal qualities of the oils as they are absorbed through the skin and inhaled through the nose, causing you to feel relaxed or revitalised.

It has always been recognised that stress accounts for a staggering amount of illness in modern society, and aromatherapy offers one of the finest ways of combating the ravages of stress without having to resort to drugs which can be habit forming and damaging to your health.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

*Relaxation and stress relief

*Promote a general state of balance and wellbeing

*Boosting the immune system, respiratory and circulatory systems

*Relief of aches and pains

*Improve skin tone

*Relax muscles

*Relieve tension headaches

*Improve sleep

*Calm and soothe the mind

*Help to reduce nervous tension

*Help to lift the mood and reduce feelings of depression

60 min treatment is £50.00

45 min treatment is £38. 00

30 min back, neck and shoulders is £30.00

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